Liturgia ai tempi del Covid-19

Un riflessione sulle attenzioni liturgiche in tempo di lockdown apre la collaborazione della nostra Amicizia con il sito anglofono del Maestro Aurelio Porfiri, Altare Dei.


The current situation of lockdown in which multitudes of people and members of the faithful are forced to live has created an unexpected scenario, which has immediately had very grave consequences for the life of faith, and in particular for the Liturgy. 

Inevitably, to the extent that the liturgy is an action of the people and offered for the people, the ban on gatherings presents itself ipso facto as one big liturgical ban.

In light of this, it is not surprising to see a scattering of initiatives that try to overcome these barriers. The two most interesting liturgical expressions that have been taking place are liturgical ceremonies that are filmed and broadcast via streaming as well as the proposal to offer the sacred liturgy in a domestic setting. 

I will make a few observations on both of these alternatives. 



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